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O'hAnleigh at White River Arts Center!

White River Arts Center, 50 Randolph Avenue, Randolph, VT

Celebrate the St. Pat's season with O'hAnleigh at the White River Arts Center! 

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O'hAnleigh: Music of Irish America

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Salt hill Pub, 2 West Park Street, Lebanon NH

O'hAnleigh returns for our annual St. Pat's extravaganza at Salt hill Pub Lebanon! 9 p.m. till closing, along with the wandering bagpiper, raffle giveaways, great food, great drink, and the fabulous staff of the original Salt hill Pub.

Of Irish Crossings Told

The Feast of St. Brigid, the Rising of the Moon, and the King of the Faeries! Tap your toes, sing, dance, laugh and love this premier Irish-American collection.

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Farewell Roscommon

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Dierdre and a Mermaid, an Ode to the Pint and Nancy Whiskey -- Irish pub classics, and originals that will soon become your favorite sing-alongs!

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Winds of Change

óhAnleigh's third musical collection, where everything old is new again! Songs of the 1880s through 1920s in toe-tapping Irish-American style, plus our original tribute to the inventor of the knitting machine!



Come to the Faire

A tribute to our Renn Faires, farmers markets and county field days, this mostly-original fourth disc includes fresh takes on Scarborough Fair as well as our own trip to the market with Laddie and the Cow, voyage to Tir na nOg, and a solemn journey back home to My Cullohill. 

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