This veteran ensemble brings Irish culture, history, humor, literature and legend to life in music.  The band’s repertoire includes old favorite pub sing-alongs and dance tunes, ballads in English and Irish, and original songs based on Irish myths and legends.  Each member is a multi-instrumentalist and singer.  O’hAnleigh’s instrumentation spans the familiar (guitar, fiddle and pennywhistle) and the less usual (autoharp, dulcimer and psaltery).

O’hAnleigh designs a custom playlist for your wedding reception or rehearsal to complement the style and venue of your perfect day.  Many couples choose Celtic Baroque instrumentals for the procession, rousing pub songs for cocktail hour, and traditional jig and reel dances for the balance of the event.

Whether you are honoring your Celtic heritage or treating your guests to the magical atmosphere of an Irish feast hall, O’hAnleigh adds the perfect touch - and a wee bit of the luck of the Irish. 


 Nothing announces the bride better than a live-music fanfare!



Practicing the procession at the rehearsal dinner ensures a picture-perfect ceremony -- and makes the rehearsal dinner a memorable event! Be sure to bring that ribbon-bow paper-plate bouquet from the shower as a practice bridal bouquet!





Be sure to check out our Weddings playlist on our  YouTube channel, Ohanleigh Band

SHOWS -- see gig Calendar for complete listings
Historic Music

O'hAnleigh brings the musical past to life with historical songs, stories and costumes. 

--Civil War Encampments

--Renaissance Fairs

--History Fairs

--"The History of Ireland -- In Song"

--Steampunk/Time Traveler Events

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