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Saturday, October 6th, 2018

O'hAnleigh's 18th year at the Brandon Harvest Festival - 10 to 3
Park Street
Brandon, VT 05733
Price: FREE

O'hAnleigh has played the Brandon Harvest Festival in rain, shine, heat and cold, and right through construction, for as along as we can remember! What brings us back? Great people, beautiful crafts (holiday shopping done early!), food and fun. Come join us! Wander the market, or bring a chair, grab some lunch and sit and listen to music!

Sunday, March 17th, 2019

Park STreet
Lebanon, NH 03766
Price: Free!

O'hAnleigh -- St. Patrick's Day -- The SALT HILL PUBS of Lebanon, Hanover, Newport, Sunappee and West Leb -- ALWAYS!! 

Show times TBA, but there will be music all day at each of the fabulous Salt Hill Pubs.

SHOWS -- see gig Calendar for complete listings
Historical Performances

O'hAnleigh brings the musical past to life with historical songs, stories and costumes. 

--Civil War Encampments

--Renaissance Fairs

--History Fairs

--"The History of Ireland -- In Song"

--Steampunk/Time Traveler Events

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